Monday, September 2, 2013

Flavorful Ingredients To Win With Health

    What do I mean when I say "Flavorful Ingredients To Win With Health"?  Well, I went on a little getaway out of state to my cousin's town, Toledo, to not only visit and spend some relaxing time with family, but to also run in a 5K Color Run.  A Color Run is a fun filled morning of running/walking 3.2 miles, getting blasted with colored cornstarch, all in the name of charity raising money for the Children's Miracle Network.  So, now you see what these flavorful ingredients for health are.  Get it?

     I'm a runner at heart.  Have been doing it since grade school.  I used to run in events when I was in my teens and continue to this day running for exercise.  When the thought and invitation came up about running in a 5K again, was brought to my attention by my cousin I thought, "What the hell, lets do this!" 

     Myself and another cousin took the 6-hour drive up north to Toledo for this special event.  We arrived early afternoon that Friday at our family's house.  A nice evening on the deck with homemade pasta, sausages, tomato/cucumber salad, bread, and wine was the perfect meal for our busy day about to happen. After a nice evening chatting and eating it was time for bed as we planned on waking up fairly early to get to the race in time.

     The next morning that alarm clock went off way to soon for my blood, 5:30am.  We all awoke, dressed, and drove downtown to the start of the event.  What a site to see, over 5000 people participating in this special run/walk all in support of a good cause.  There was a stage with entertainers playing music, doing Zumba, etc. Booths set up all around selling items from the event, water stations, etc.  Everyone lined up at the starting line as the event began.  They sat us off in waves so that at all times someone would be on the road during the race.  The music blaring and the announcer pumping us up. 

      If you have ever ran a 5K all you need to know is that it goes by pretty quick.  You think at first you will never reach the finish line and before you know it you are there.  Running is a great way to release endorphins and get the cardio your body needs.  It feels great to run as it gives you a lot of energy.  Add in a charitable cause and you feel even better.  At the end of the race everyone packs around the fair grounds and stage where they continue to play music and have color bombs where they count down from 10 and everyone tosses their color packets up in the air to create a wonderful cloud of colors.  Definitely the "Happiest 5K on the planet" as they profess with their tag line.  I would highly recommend this to anyone whenever the run comes to a city near you.  Not only for the health benefits and charity but also for the pure enjoyment of it all. "Take your own ingredients to win with health!"

Homemade pasta boosting meal


Runners and walkers

Dancing for joy

Color Bombs

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