Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Recipe To Teach

A Recipe To Teach

      An interesting thing I have found is that some people don't know how to make certain homemade items.  I grew up in a house where my mother and father cooked almost everything that was laid onto the table.  Nothing ever came from a box.  My friends were interested in learning the art of making homemade pasta.  So when it came down to a free weekend I invited them over to watch the game on TV and decided to make it into a night of teaching and eating.

     I had already had some marinara sauce in the fridge.  I quickly mixed up some homemade meatballs, (see, placed them in the sauce, and placed it on the stove to simmer all afternoon.  My friends and I happen to have wanted to watch the WVU game on television so we started our evening out around 2:30. 

Crystal mixing the eggs and flour

Eric rolling out the dough
Crystal cutting the noodles
     Let's just put it this way, it is definitely fun and different to watch and teach your friends how to make something that you yourself can do with your eyes closed.  My friends had such a good time taking the reigns and control over making this delicious homemade meal.  Teaching someone how to do something comes with its own gratitude. They were so proud and happy to have learned this new skill.  The oooohs and aaahs coming from the table were comical. 

     Teaching cooking is something I enjoy.  In fact it is something I would love to do for a living.  Being able to give that same excitement I get from cooking to others is heart warming.  In my house growing up it was just something we did together anyways.  It was time for everyone to put away their toys, computer games, come inside and spend time with each other.  Dinners with family and friends are the best time to relax, sit back, and enjoy each other’s company.  Without such a great experience that social interaction that we as human beings need just dies out.  We lose something without this type of experience.  So grateful for the time that was had.  You should give it a try.  Get together with some of your friends or family and cook a meal together.  Laugh, eat, drink, sing, and tell stories, all while eating something you have created.  Nothing beats that kind of recipe for life....

The meal family style

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