Monday, October 21, 2013

The Art Of Mountaineer Tailgating


     Another great recipe for fun and enjoyment in anyone’s life, whether you are a bachelor, a single father, or a country gal is to enjoy your local sport activities.  Coming from West Virginia we are huge WVU college football fans.  Some of the greatest and friendliest people you will meet are at a WVU game.  They say that Morgantown, (home of the WVU school), is one of the friendliest towns in the country.  You can witness this when going to a game and watch as visitors from the opposing team walk by.  You will simply here, "welcome to Morgantown!" in such as joyful tone that you yourself will be impressed and grateful that you can call WV your home.

     I have mentioned before that I myself am not a huge sports fan, however, when it comes to WVU as alum I watch my alma mater compete in every game.  To be able to go to a home game is such a great treat that sadly I can only enjoy once in a while.  WVU fans have perfected the art of "tailgating".  From tens, BBQ pits, campers, full on food service with open bar stocked with both beer and liquor.  Even some have TV's sat up against their tent or vehicle.  Music blaring, people singing, cheering, enjoying each other’s company.  That is what makes a true Mountaineer.  The hospitality of our natives is a fantastic thing. 

     To join in with such enthusiasm can be the perfect recipe for a wonderful fun filled weekend.  You start first thing in the morning.  Gathering all your ingredients and food supplies to truck down to the tailgate lot.  If you are one of the lucky ones you already have a camper spot, a tent spot, or an invitation to an organizations’ private tent area.  You start eating, drinking, and getting prepped for the big game.  You enjoy the food, the atmosphere, and your guests and everyone becomes one.  The hum from the crowds, the smell of the different foods cooking, and the sea of gold and blue colors everywhere allow you to feel like this is where home should be. 

     Then for the next 3-4 hours you go inside the giant stadium, inside the belly of the beast.  The bleachers are packed with again the sea of blue and gold.  The crowd is cheering, chanting, and singing.  Kickoff is about to begin.  And you are off.  Off on an exciting adventure of live sports at its best.  The next couple hours of your life are filled with more food, fun, and excitement.  Following the game more tailgating and eating continue whether still in the parking lots or back at your place of residence.

     A joyous day of fun, family, friends, and comradery is just what the perfect "menu" calls for.  Some say it may cost too much to attend live sporting events, and yes at times it does.  However, nothing can compare to being there in person with good people and good spirits.  It is definite that the Mountaineer fans have tailgating down to an art of perfection. Final score: A perfect win!

Tons of people tailgating

Friends having fun

Smile for the picture

Beer run

Come on give us a smile

Let's Go!!
The Pride of WV

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