Monday, July 29, 2013

1-1/2 Cup Of Blues

     Summer is full of options to enjoy the outdoors.  Tubing, white water rafting, swimming, camping, fishing, etc.  You name it; it is available right in your own hometown I am sure.  Even in my little neck of the woods in WV we have quite a bit of different things to enjoy different times of the year.  One of which has been going on for the past five years.  I have attended every single year because it is just that much fun.  Only a half a block away from my apartment is a small street only a couple blocks long right on the river.  What sits here is an old two-story small schoolhouse that used to be the African American School prior to consolidation in 1954.  A local organization has been working on raising money to restore the school as a landmark along with the church next door.

      Each year for 2 to 3 days locals gather to support the foundation that has been created to restore, rebuild, and educate others about the community that built this area.  Bands from all around the country come to play their blues.  Artists, historical preservationists, food enthusiasts, etc., all gather to provide a wonderful weekend of food, music, and fun all in support of one cause; to rebuild the past to better educate society.  The weekend is usually comprised of the main festival on River Street with school tours, art/historical/food booths, music, and crafts and another day or two of gospel gatherings, etc.

     Live music is always a good "recipe" for the monotony that is life. Add in a good cause, charity, and good people and food, and you have a menu that anyone can enjoy. Even for just a quick weekend event or get away, a good festival full of laughter and fun can make any summer a good one. 

Dancing in the street

Singing the blues

 Friends catching up

Playing into the night
 Singing to your own soundtrack

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