Monday, July 15, 2013

The "Menu" For A Family Reunion

     Life can be full of troubling times.  Whether it is a job you dislike, a routine of living that you are stuck in, or just plain boredom, you have to find something that can take you away from the monotony of life.  Family gatherings to some can be a horrible experience.  You sometimes hear others complain about having to go to their family reunion.  They hate having to have small talk with great aunt sally or listening to uncle jacks old war stories over and over again.  They hate the same covered dish that everyone ends up bringing.  The boring chit chat, picture albums, and family schemes all make for a nightmare year after year.  Not for my family.  We are completely different than any family you will find out there. We have perfected the art of "family reunion" and make it different each and every year.

     As I have previously mentioned in older posts on family, we are each other's best friends and worst enemies.  As much as we fight and argue we still get it together to have some of the best times anyone can imagine.  My family has been having reunions since even before I was born.  Each generation comes up with a different way of celebrating togetherness.  Coming from two different cultural backgrounds hasn't hindered the events one bit.  Both sides of my family love gathering together, cooking, eating, and overall having a good time.  Any reason to celebrate is a good enough reason for us.  So what might you be asking is a "menu" for a family reunion?  Or better yet, how does the "menu" read for a spectacular family reunion?  Well here goes.....

  • Decorations-- different themes each year
  • Costumes-- sometimes we like to dress up
  • Swimming-- whether it is in a river with tubes or in a pool
  • Bocce Ball-- have to have some field games
  • Hide and Seek-- what not only the kids will end up playing
  • Golfing/fishing-- some time away


  • Picnics-- days of BBQ and pasta night
  • Scavenger Hunt-- always fun to see the family split up into teams running around town like fools
  • Cook Off-- where the competition begins with cooking skills
  • Trophy-- always the best part
  • Bar hops-- you have to let town know you are all out for fun
  • Live Music-- talent at its best

  • Booze-- a must have
  • Booze-- a must have that it requires a second mention
  • Fun and Sun-- the result of togetherness and good conversations

     Ok, so it is not a literal "menu" of food items or choices of cocktails to choose from but it is a "menu" for how to have fun.  Our family gathers for days of fun, picnics, partying, swimming, river time, bar nights, cook off contests, scavenger hunts throughout town, field games, bands, etc., all in the name of family.  It is something we all look forward to each and every year.  Now that I am older it has become my siblings, cousins, and my responsibility to plan the festivities and allow the elders to rest.  So sit back, relax, and take a look below at what makes a good "menu" for family fun.

One giant family
Some of the cousins
Some of the younger cousins
 Dress up and having fun
River time
Picnic and food
 Some bocce
Pinata for the little ones
 Scavenger hunt

More scavenger fun
Scavenger hunt
Bar nights
 Cook off and trophy
Pasta night

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