Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1/2 CARAFE of Wining And Dining

     As with a few of my posts, this one has to do with a great "recipe" for local fun, dining, and relaxation.  Not too far from where I live there are a few different wineries.  Now I know what you are thinking, "Does WV have the climate for good wine making?" Your answer is yes.  Just about an hour away from my hometown sits a little farm where they make their own wine and whiskey's.  Along with taste testing their fruit of the land they also have an upscale fine dining venue that one can enjoy while experiencing some good flavors of libations.

     An old friend of mine from high school had called me up and was in town and wanted to drive on up for the evening, meet up with another friend from school, and have a great night of wine tasting and dining.  Who was I to turn down an evening with great friends, great food, great wine, and even better spirits?  As it turns out an old friend from high school and her husband own the place and we were lucky enough to have them show us a great evening and how they give their own spin on the meaning of hospitality.

     It was just a normal Tuesday evening after work that we decided to head on the road for the very short hour drive up to Heston Farms in Fairmont, WV.  Not that hard to find, the farm sits right off the exit on Interstate 79.  Short couple miles up this road up a hill and "Ta Da!" you are there.  The winery/ restaurant has this very attractive open garden in front with a stage off to the right where they allow live bands and musicians to perform for the entertainment of the diners and tasters.

     Walk through this garden entrance and enter the front door where you are greeted with a sort of rock cavern where the tasting occurs.  The walls are lined with wine bottles, whiskey, and homemade items for sell.  To the front sits a long counter where one can taste the multitude of homemade wines and whiskey's they have right at your disposal. 

     Off to the left is an indoor dining area followed by a walkway that leads upstairs to more indoor dining.

     My friend and I did a little wine and whiskey tasting before heading out to our table in the front garden area where we were joined by our other friends/owners of this fine establishment.

Good meal with good friends
     The menu from the Foxfire Restaurant within the farm ranges from appetizers, main courses, desserts, to even sandwiches.  The variety of different items goes from Filets of choice beef, pastas, grilled items, seafood, etc.  The upscale dining experience is quite good and we definitely ate our share of a couple different items.

     By the end of the evening we were all stuffed and feeling pretty good all thanks to our gracious hosts and good company.  What better way to enjoy an evening out but tasting what your local area can provide you. 

     If you are in the mood for great food, great wine, and even better company please check out Heston Farms website at and try your hand at a wonderful WV winery. No recipe can beat what your local environment can provide straight from the earth to your table.

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