Monday, December 23, 2013

A Diner Classic: Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich

Open Faced Roast Beef

     So I was watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives the other night and got a craving for some old fashioned diner food. Nothing says comfort food like good old fashioned diner food.  When I think of this typical cuisine, I think of burgers, fried chicken, sandwiches, breakfasts as big as your head, and of course open faced sandwiches.  That ooey, gooey gravy drizzled all over your sandwich and choice of meat.  Those white plates, plastic booths, swivel stools, silver metal napkin holders, all bring a certain type of memory into mind. 

     Imagine walking through the front door of your local department store.  You are 8 and going to this store on is such as treat. The glass door is too heavy for you to pull open so your family member, let's say aunt, pulls it open for you.  You walk under her arm and quickly into the store.  This certain department store just so happens to have a little diner within it.  Right off to the right of the main entrance sits the diner against the right wall behind its own little wall divider.  Along the left side of this wall sits a long counter where you can hike on up onto a classic swivel stool.  The smell of fried food, fresh coffee, and the clinging of glasses fill the air as the door behind you dings with the bell hung above.  You are not ready to go up the escalator to the toy department just yet.  Your aunt brings you here almost every Friday for lunch and to buy a toy.  You are excited to crawl into one of the booth tables or hop up onto your own bar stool.  Your aunt walks you along to where you are going to sit.  The waitress in a little apron and hat comes to your service.  You order a soda and one of the best diner items on the menu.  Today it is an Open Faced Roast Beef meal.  You know the ones.  The dark roast beef laying gently on a nice slice of white bread coated in dark gravy just dripping over the edge.  A side of mashed potatoes or even the famous crinkly fries with a little ketchup.  You are so excited, the warm smell, the white plate, the silverware wrapped nicely in a little napkin.  The waitress refills your soda and asks how everything is.   You and your aunt smile at each other and that is all the waitress needs to know that you are satisfied.  Please enjoy my twist on an Open Faced Roast Beef Sandwich.

Pot Roast recipe:
Buns of your choice
2 tbs butter
2 tbs flour
1 tbs BBQ sauce of choice
1 tsp Kitchen Boguet browning seasoning

     I followed my own recipe from my Pot Roast post for making the beef.  Once finished I removed the roast and broke it up into pieces and chunks.  In a medium skillet over medium high heat I melted the 2 tbs butter, whisked in the 2 tbs of flour to make a rue.  I then took most of the liquid from the roast.  Leaving just a little bit in the bottom and poured it slowly into the skillet whisking it into a nice thick gravy.  Finally I whisked in a tbs of BBQ sauce and a tsp of the browning seasoning to give it just the right amount of kick and taste.  Salt and pepper as needed.  Then take the chopped up beef and toss it into the left over liquid in the Dutch oven.  Take your favorite piece of bread or roll pour a little of the gravy on top of it, then some of the beef, and then some more of the gravy.  Now for the best part; sit back, take a big bite, and reminisce of sitting in your favorite childhood diner enjoying an old fashioned Open Faced Roast Beef.  Serves 4.


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