Monday, January 13, 2014

Spiked Punch Bowl: Reliving Teenage Years

     I thought it was time to do another post about local fun and finding other recipes to live an interesting life.  Now this is not a drink recipe for a spiked punch but rather a play on words and meaning for what I am about to discuss.  I have blogged about ways to have fun during the summer; outdoor activities, music festivals, and even menus for physical activities to enjoy life. Here is a little recipe for fun with friends reliving special events in your teenage years with an adult twist.

     A close friend was turning the dirty 30 before the Christmas holiday.  Another coworker's birthday was happening too.  These two decided to have a little fun for their big day.  Why not have a Prom for adults?  You know what they were thinking.  Prom gowns, suit and ties, a band, decorations, pictures, etc. But this time the punch bowl wouldn't contain just a fruit based Kool-Aid but a full stocked bar, a rocking band/dj, and good adult fun without the chaperones. So, what might this type of recipe entail you may be asking?  Well this is what we called our Adult Prom


     Imagine a room filled with decorations.  The theme for this was a Winter Wonderland.  Snowflakes hung from the ceiling, boards, and streamers.  An arch for prom pictures decorated with lights. A corsage for your date and maybe a boutonniere for yourself.  We all arrived at separate times but the excitement we all felt was the same.  What we were supposed to do?  As adults we can forget how a simple dance or event can be just the thing we need to put excitement into our lives.  As we all settled down with our drinks, our dates next to us, and the conversation starters, we all started to feel a bit more comfortable.  It was bizarre at first, an adult prom. How do you act? Do you go straight to the dance floor, the bar, or the food table?  Eventually you sit back relax and the fun just comes naturally.

     The drinks begin to flow, the music begins to entice us to the dance floor, and some even sneak outside to smoke a cig acting as if hiding from the teachers so not to get into trouble. The night carries on with laughter, dancing, cheersing, and even a slip or fall here and there.  The time flies as everyone is having a great time. A king and queen are even crowned to add to the hijinks of the adult fun. Reliving their youth going back to their prom but this time with the ability to have more fun without the consequences, (well with the exception of the hangover that occurs now as we are much older). So there it is the recipe for the spiked punch bowl.  What kind of prom would it be without it?



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